Surprising Social Security Benefits Oregon Residents Should Know About

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Everyone knows the basics of how Social Security works: as you work over a certain number of working years, a portion of your paycheck goes into a massive pool that you can expect to earn benefits from once you retire. In an ideal situation, you’ll get the total amount back over your golden years once you hit age qualification.

Social Security holds tremendous value, especially for those who qualify for these three surprising additional potential benefits. Read on to learn about some lesser-used options that Oregon residents should consider.

Social Security Benefits for Ex-Spouses

If you are 62 years of age, were married for a decade or more, and then divorced, you can get spousal benefits based on an ex-spouse’s past work history if he or she is retired, disabled, or 62 years of age. This gets complicated when remarrying as those benefits are only available if you haven’t done so.

If your former partner has passed away, things get complicated further. Remarriage before 60 means you can’t submit for benefits on that ex’s work history, but those who wait until 60 or older before remarrying can still get survivor benefits.

Survivor Benefits Independent of Your Own Retirement Benefit

If your spouse has passed away, it’s crucial to look at all survivor benefit provisions. If you’re disabled, you can begin claiming benefits at 50 years of age, or at 60 if not disabled. You can begin claiming these benefits before retirement age.

The deceased’s minor children (along with the living spouse providing care) can also receive benefits.

The Lump-Sum Death Benefit

Most don’t know about a $255 payment that Social Security pays out to an eligible recipient upon the worker’s death. Eligible people include surviving spouses, children, and a few other select types of people associated with the beneficiary.


While Social Security can be a difficult and overwhelming process, there are many benefits available if you know where to look. It’s crucial to consult an experienced Eugene or Albany Social Security claims attorney to make sure you’re getting everything owed to you. Call Drew L. Johnson, P.C. today at (541) 434-6466 to arrange a free initial consultation and learn more about our Social Security claims legal work.