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Countless low-income Americans count on Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits for their basic financial needs. Whether you are over 65, have a medical condition that prevents you from working, or are blind, SSI can provide vital assistance to help you support yourself. At the same time, the application process can be extremely daunting—leading many qualifying individuals to go without the benefits they need. For over 40 years, Drew L. Johnson, P.C. Attorneys at Law has helped Oregonians successfully claim SSI benefits.

How Do You Qualify for SSI?

In order to qualify for SSI, you must have income under a certain level and either be age 65 or older, disabled with a qualifying condition, or blind. Along with strict income requirements, there are also restrictions on how many assets you can have. If you apply successfully, the amount of money you receive each month will take into account any other assistance you receive.

What Happens if Your Application is Rejected?

Unfortunately, the Social Security application process is notoriously difficult. The Social Security Administration is extremely strict about the qualifications and about the proof they require in order to approve applications. If you have had an application rejected, we can help you request a reconsideration for your application. As the SSI attorneys Eugene, Oregon residents count on, we’ve worked with the Social Security Administration for decades and know exactly what to do to maximize your chances of being accepted.

Eugene's SSI Attorneys

With over 40 years of experience serving clients in Eugene, Springfield, and Albany, Drew L. Johnson, P.C. Attorneys at Law understand exactly how important your SSI benefits are to your ability to live your life. We also know how frustrating and confusing it can be to go through the application process. When you choose us as your SSI attorneys in Eugene, Oregon or a nearby town, we’ll examine every aspect of your case to guide you through each step of the system to get you the benefits you deserve.

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