How An Oregon Social Security Claims Attorney Can Help You Maximize Your Benefits

By March 18, 2021 No Comments

Although the Social Security application process was initially designed to allow anyone to apply for benefits independently, the path to approval has only become extremely complicated over the years. Every state has its own determination agency, including Oregon, and what was once a straightforward public lifeline has now become one with many hoops to jump through.

Although you can apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) on your own, there are all sorts of opportunities for the SSA to deny your application and the appeals process is arduous. Missing a deadline is often a sure way to lose your right to benefits.

The Benefits of a Social Security Disability Attorney

Simply put, having a qualified Oregon Social Security disability attorney can significantly increase your chances of success when applying for SSI or SSDI.

The SSA has a massive list of medical conditions that qualify for disability, but few know that there are many other medical conditions not explicitly listed that still qualify for benefits. However, evaluating whether a condition qualifies and pulling together evidence for approval (or an appeal) can be complicated. An experienced Social Security disability attorney can help you make the best case for an unlisted condition.

When it comes to supporting your claim, the SSA requires extensive documentation from you and your doctor. Your attorney is extremely helpful for this stage of the application process, as they can help you get everything you need and ensure that all your records are correct. Your attorney will have prior experience in knowing what works for proof and what doesn’t. Problems with records are some of the most common causes for rejected Social Security benefits applications.

The Complexities of Oregon SSI and SSDI Appeals

If your application is initially denied, you can begin the appeals process by filing a Request for Reconsideration. If you are denied again you can request a hearing with an Office of Hearings Operations (OHO) office. These offices were understaffed and overwhelmed even before the pandemic began, so it’s safe to say that wait times for a decision are even longer.

Any issues with your appeal will only delay it further and a good SSDI claims attorney will know how to walk you through the evidence collection and submission process. The appeals process can go all the way up to federal court and that is definitely a situation where you’d want a Social Security attorney to represent you.


The Social Security application process can be perplexing, and even qualified applicants often get rejected. Working with a qualified Social Security disability attorney like those at Drew L. Johnson, Attorneys at Law in Eugene and Albany is the best way to maximize your chances for a successful application. Call (541) 434-6466 today to schedule a free consultation with a dedicated Oregon Social Security disability attorney.