How Doctors Play a Big Role With Oregon Disability Benefits

By December 19, 2021 No Comments

When it comes to a successful Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) application, your care team is a critical part of the process. Besides helping you focus on treatment and recovery, your doctor’s evidence, specifically, has a greater impact on the Social Security Administration than just about any other aspect of your application. Your doctor’s formal opinion can go a long way towards demonstrating the seriousness of your medical condition and potential benefit eligibility.

Oregon Eligibility Based on Social Security’s Disability List

You’ve probably heard about the Social Security Administration’s list of physical and mental medical conditions that denote automatic Social Security disability eligibility. It’s an extensive list, and each disability has specific qualifications and stipulations that must be met to qualify for benefits potentially. As an alternative, if you cannot perform work on a full-time basis, you are considered disabled. Your doctor is the most qualified person to assess and recommend your disability for your SSDI application.

How You Can Help Your Doctor With Your Disability Request

It’s important to let your doctor know you’ll be applying for benefits and take the opportunity to educate them about the importance of the process. Being open and transparent about your situation with your doctor will lead to a fairer and precise diagnosis. Additionally, your doctor can help identify your limitations regarding a potential disability. It’s important that your doctor writes a statement to submit along with your SSDI application.

How a Social Security Disability Attorney Works With Your Doctor

Even when you have a good relationship with your physician, the application can be daunting, and success is not guaranteed. Experienced Social Security disability attorneys like those at Drew L. Johnson, Attorneys at Law will work closely with your doctor to ensure that you have all the tests and documentation you need for your application—and that you meet every deadline. If you live in Eugene or Albany, Oregon, and have a medical condition that prevents you from working, call (541) 434-6466 today to schedule a free consultation.