2021 Oregon Social Security Benefits During Coronavirus

As the pandemic wears on, Social Security offices remain closed. You can contact the Social Security Administration through its website or by calling (800) 772-1213.

Do Economic Impact Payments Affect Social Security Benefits?

No. EIPs are not counted as part of a recipient’s income and are excluded from a recipient’s economic resources for 12 months. Those with representative payees will have their check deposited into the bank account they have on file with the SSA. Representative Payees have no responsibility to manage the EIP funds as they are not a direct Social Security benefit.

Have Applications Processes Improved At All?

Social Security benefits will not be affected for individuals who are already enrolled in the program. Unfortunately, application assistance and appeals will only be available online or through the phone, adding an additional barrier to an already cumbersome prospect. Individuals with severe disabilities, terminal conditions, or eligibility emergencies may be able to schedule an in-person visit in advance over the phone.

Now more than ever, an experienced Social Security disability benefits attorney like those at Drew L. Johnson, P.C. Attorneys at Law can provide vital assistance to help you get the benefits you need to live your life. By slowing down an already challenging process, these closures make it even more important that your application succeeds the first time, as every extra step adds that much more delay.


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