How Social Security’s ‘Compassionate Allowances’ Program Works

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If you, your child or dependent are facing a serious illness, the condition and situation may qualify for Social Security’s “Compassionate Allowances” program (CAL), which fast-tracks your SSDI application and can get you on the path for quick SSI acceptance as well. 


The list of conditions is published here and includes a range of illnesses and diseases.


Why You Don’t Have To Apply Separately for CAL


Social Security uses a “cutting-edge” software system that identifies specific cases that are eligible for certain kinds of expediting once submitted. The electronic Quick Disability Determination (QDD) system is also used for SSDI and SSI and scans applications for key words and phrases that indicate likely acceptance. 


Other Eligibility Options


AARP notes a range of other ways your application can be expedited:


  • If the claimant’s condition has reached a terminal stage, or they’re in hospice care
  • Certain non-terminal circumstances including low birth weight
  • If your condition is deemed a “presumptive disability,” you can be paid benefits while waiting for your main application to process
  • If you’re a veteran who became disabled on active duty (with the incident occurring on or after Oct. 1, 2001)


On the note of presumptive disability, some of these conditions can include:


  • Allegation of total blindness
  • Allegation of cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and other coordination/movement difficulty issues 


You may also be entitled to an “Emergency Advance Payment” if you’re facing an immediate financial emergency (such as insufficient resources for food, medical care or shelter). 


If you’re able, consulting a qualified Social Security benefits attorney could help determine if your application is appropriate for fast-tracking through the CAL program or another expediting measure. Call the knowledgeable team at Drew Johnson, P.C. today to learn about the variety of ways you can begin earning Social Security benefits faster.

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