How a Second Relief Bill Would Affect SSI Recipients

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Based on the IRS’ reversal, allowing SSI recipients to receive a stimulus check, it’s unclear how the federal government will act should a second coronavirus relief bill pass by the end of the month.

To review, the vast majority of SSI recipients automatically received the $1,200 stimulus check earlier this year, with some added paperwork needed to receive the extra $500 for those with dependents. 

While the initial financial support was welcome, it simply didn’t do enough for those working to make ends meet on limited income, especially as prices for essential items increase. 

Why a Second Check Would Include SSI Beneficiaries 

There are so many proposals on the table right now in Congress that it’s hard to keep track.

In short, it’s good news. The general consensus is that if you qualified for the first round of stimulus checks, you’re likely going to qualify for the second one as well. Considering the average retired worker only makes a little more than $18,000 annually from Social Security, that’s a big deal. 

The caveat to this would be an increase in alternative financial support, including rent/mortgage cancelation or tax incentives that could theoretically benefit a wider range of Americans. Based on the widespread support for a second, basic round of stimulus and the disagreement on what exactly the alternative plan would look like, these other routes would be unlikely as blanket checks could offer more direct support right away. 

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