What to Do if Your Disability Claim Is Denied and You’re Unable to Work

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If your disability claim gets denied, it can be very disheartening news. Chances are good that you were counting on that support to help you through a difficult time, or to supplement your income permanently after a life-changing disability. The good news is that a denied Social Security application isn’t the end of the process, and there are several steps you can take to have your application reconsidered.

Most applications are denied because of mistakes in the paperwork or because the file doesn’t contain enough verified medical evidence. Applications can also be rejected if a person’s circumstances don’t match the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) guidelines, so learning more about the process is the best way to improve your chances of receiving the benefits you need.

To that end, the Social Security lawyers at Drew L. Johnson, P.C., are knowledgeable about the common reasons Social Security benefits are denied in Oregon. This article will advise you on how to avoid the usual mistakes people make in the application process and guide you through the steps that are available if you’ve been denied. We’ll also focus on the criteria the SSA uses to determine a disability and how you can explain your symptoms in a way they’ll recognize and understand.

If your Social Security disability benefits have been denied, Drew L. Johnson, P.C., can help. We can improve your chances of approval and get the benefits you need. If you need experienced Social Security lawyers in Oregon who are dedicated to your cause, call our Eugene or Albany office today.

Common Reasons Disability Benefits are Denied

If your Social Security disability benefits are denied, it usually comes down to a few common issues. Sometimes, the problem is that your claim doesn’t contain enough medical evidence. The Social Security Administration needs detailed records from doctors explaining your condition and how it affects your life. Specifically, the records will need to show that the disability significantly affects your ability to work and make a living.

Another common problem might come from trying to align your situation with the SSA’s disability criteria. If this is the case for your application, our Social Security lawyers can help. We can conform the language in your disability claim so it’s presented in a way the SSA is familiar with. We can also help you obtain new medical evidence that explains your symptoms with the SSA guidelines in mind.

Steps to Take After Your Social Security Benefits are Denied:
Step 1: Request a Reconsideration

The first step after a denial is to file for reconsideration. This is a complete review of your claim by a new set of eyes. You must request reconsideration within 60 days of receiving your notice of denial. Your reconsideration may include additional medical evidence. An experienced Social Security lawyer can help you with whatever your reconsideration requires, so it’s important to contact us as soon as your application is denied.

Step 2: Attend a Disability Hearing

If your claim is denied again, your Social Security lawyer will request a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge. This hearing is your opportunity to present your case in detail, and you can bring new evidence that supports your claim. It’s important to have a disability lawyer represent you at your hearing because we can present your case according to Social Security’s legal standards.

Step 3: Appeal to the Appeals Council

If the judge also denies your claim, we can take your case to the Social Security Appeals Council. The council will review your case and decide whether to refuse your request, grant you benefits, or return your case to the Administrative Law Judge for further review. Your Social Security lawyer will be particularly useful here because we’ll argue for your rights and the benefits you deserve.

Step 4: Federal Court Review

The final step, if necessary, is to file a lawsuit in a federal district court against Social Security. This step is complex and requires the expertise and guidance of a disability attorney. Most cases never get this far, but Drew L. Johnson, P.C. stands ready to assist you with whatever your claim demands.

How to Strengthen Your Disability Claim

To increase the chances of your disability claim being approved, we will make sure your medical records are thorough and up-to-date. We will review Social Security’s requirements for your disability, and ensure your documentation aligns with it. Our disability lawyers can offer valuable guidance throughout the process and improve your chances of receiving your benefits.

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Having your disability claim denied can feel like a significant setback, but it’s important to remember that it’s not the end of the road. By understanding the reason for your denial and following the appropriate steps, you can strengthen your appeal and get the benefits you need to live a full life.

At Drew L. Johnson, P.C. Attorneys At Law, we have years of experience helping disabled Oregonians receive the Social Security benefits they deserve. If your claim was denied, we can guide you through the necessary steps for reconsideration and appeal. Call our Eugene office today at (541) 434-6466, or the Albany office at (541) 967-1045, and let’s turn a disheartening denial into just a bump in the road to obtaining your benefits.