The Importance of Your Doctor to Your Disability Benefits

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When it comes to your Social Security disability benefits, your doctor is critical to the success of your application. Besides helping you get the care you need for your condition, your doctor’s evidence and testimony has a greater impact on the Social Security Administration than just about any other aspect of your application. For this reason, your doctor is indispensable for demonstrating the seriousness of your medical condition and performing tests to determine your eligibility for benefits.

Determining your eligibility based on Social Security listings

You’ve probably heard about the Social Security Administration’s list of physical and mental medical conditions that are eligible for Social Security disability benefits. But did you know that many of these listings include specific numerical metrics that you need to meet? Your doctor will perform the tests you need to figure out whether you meet these requirements.

Giving you materials for your application

In addition to the documentation for your treatment and the tests demonstrating the severity of your condition, your doctor’s recommendation is one of the single most important documents in your entire Social Security benefits application. Ensuring that you have everything you need from your doctor is critical to a successful application.

A Social Security disability attorney will work with your doctor

Even when you have a good relationship with your personal physician, the application can be daunting and success is far from guaranteed. An experienced Social Security disability attorney like those at Drew L. Johnson, Attorneys at Law will work closely with your doctor to ensure that you have all the tests and documentation you need for your application—and that you meet every deadline. If you live in Eugene or Albany, Oregon and have a medical condition that prevents you from working, call our office today at (541) 434-6466 to schedule a free consultation.

Drew L. Johnson

Drew L. Johnson

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