Can You Be Denied Social Security Benefits in Oregon?

Generally speaking, the Social Security Administration (SSA) routinely denies about 2/3 of the disability applications it receives, so don’t be surprised if your application is initially denied. However, many appeals result in a favorable decision, so it’s almost always worth your time to work through that process. Appeals are very time-sensitive, so it’s important to read any and all official SSA letter as soon as it arrives. If something doesn’t make sense or you begin to feel overwhelmed, it may be time to consult an experienced Oregon Social Security claims attorney.

Common Social Security Denial Reasons

If you do receive that initial denial, it’s potentially because of one of the following reasons:

  • You gross more than $1,310 per month, which puts you above the income threshold for qualification
  • Your disability will last less than 12 months
  • Your disability does not prevent you from working full-time
  • You did not meet the SSA’s requests for information or medical records

When to Appeal A Social Security Denial

Your appeal must be filed within 60 days of the decision letter date. If you wait longer than that period, you will be required to start over and reapply altogether. It’s a lot of extra work and something that won’t look good on your appeal.

What to Bring to Your Social Security Appeal

Once you (or your attorney) have determined the denial reason(s), you can begin to understand the best path for a response. All you need to do is respond to that denial with evidence proving otherwise. The best forms of evidence come from professionals such as employers or doctors who can be objective and neutral parties to your case while offering support.


Social Security denials are often much less frightening than they seem. However, the best route to a successful appeal is enlisting the help of a knowledgeable Social Security claims attorney who has experience working through the system’s bureaucracy. Clients in Eugene and Albany trust Drew Johnson, P.C. to help them get the benefits they deserve. Call (541) 434-6466 to learn more.