Can a Lawyer Help if a Judge Denies Disability Benefits in Oregon?

By March 19, 2022 March 21st, 2022 No Comments

Disability benefits are becoming an increasingly precious commodity in today’s society. The Covid-19 pandemic has increased the need for benefits while decreasing the number of people paying into Social Security. More claims are being denied now than ever before.

For many Americans, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a critical factor when it comes to making ends meet. That’s why it can be so stressful and infuriating if your claim is denied. However, a Social Security lawyer can give you the best possible chance of getting accepted on one of your appeals. Let’s look at how a lawyer can help.


The first appeal you can make after your benefits application is initially denied is called a Reconsideration. This is the process of asking the Social Security Administration (SSA) to reevaluate your claim with fresh eyes. Your application is sent to a new disability determination specialist who will either agree or disagree with the evaluation of the first specialist. It’s in preparation for this appeal that a lawyer can really help you.

An application is often denied because it is missing information that helps prove your disability. An attorney can work with you to find missing medical data to strengthen your case. They can also advise you on how to provide expert evidence that proves your condition. Your Social Security disability lawyer will help you mine as much missing data as possible for your reconsideration. The SSA has released reports that confirm a statistical improvement in approvals when the claimant has representation.

The Next Steps

If your application is denied a second time, it becomes even more important that you hire a lawyer to help. The next steps become vastly more complicated as things switch from a simple application process to a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge, a review by an appeals council, and possibly even a civil suit in a federal District Court. Our goal as attorneys is to make sure you don’t have to go through these more complicated appeals steps by getting your application approved as early as possible.


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